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Nondestructive Testing


Magnetic Particle - Fluorescent or Visible Particles, Wet Carrier or Dry Application
                             FWDC, HWDC & AC Magnetizing Currents
                             Wet Horizontal Units, Prods & Yokes
                      Method uses - Is used for the detection of linear defects primarily on the
                                           surface of ferro-magnetic materials.

Penetrant Inspection - (Types )Visible & Fluorescent
                                (Methods) Water washable, Post-Emulsifiable, Solvent Removeable
                                (Developers) All Forms used.
                                 Pre-Penetrant Etch as needed or required.
                      Method uses - Is used for the detection of both rounded and linear
                                           defects open to the surface on ferrous and nonferrous

Radiographic Inspection - Isotopes Ir 192 & Co 60
                                       X-Ray Machines with multiple ranges covered.
                                       Automatic film processing
                       Method uses - Is used for the detection of internal defects primarily
                                            in castings and weldments.

Ultrasonic Inspection -
Contact & Immersed Methods
                                   Angle Beam (shear wave) & Straight Beam (longitudinal wave)
                                   Immersion Tanks equipped with Turntables & Bar Rotators
                                   Tac-Tic type Bar & Tube Inspection Systems
                       Method uses - Is used for the detection of defects primarily in forgings,
                                            bar, tubing & also weldments.  

Eddy Current - 
Alloy & Hardness sorting manual & automated feed
                        Defect inspection
                 Method uses - Is used for sorting mixed alloy & hardness. Is also used
                                      detection of linear defects & corrosion in tubing.

Positive Material Identification (PMI) - 
Element Identification by X-ray Fluorescence
                                   Method uses -  Is used as a quantitative verification to
                                                         to ensure materials used meet the requirements
                                                         and match the certification by the mill.

Ferrite Testing - 
Evaluate ferrite content using the comparison method.
Permeability Testing -
Evaluate permeability of material using the comparison method.
Radiation Detection - 
Evaluate Materials for Radioactive contamination. 

Visual Weld Inspection - AWS Certified Weld Inspectors when needed.


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